Multimedia Translation

Multimedia Translation

Our multimedia translation team is consisted of native dubbing expert, senior project manager, experienced linguists, and professional video/audio/graphics engineers. By building a first-class studio and euiqpping with state-of-the-art facilities, we ensure the highest level of quality

Multimedia Translation Service

Script Translation

Script Translation

Since the length of the translation and the length of the source language text are usually different, our linguists will rely on their rich experience and technology to ensure that the translated dialogue and screen content are maintained without exceeding the word limit and meeting the display time. On this basis, the dubbing expert will adjust the translation so that it corresponds one-to-one with the tone, pause, and lip changes of the original audio file.



Subtitling is the process of translating the source language subtitles into the target language and then making new subtitles. Captioning is the simplest and most effective way to convey audio and visual information. To more intuitively increase the global acceptance of client promotional videos and expand the breadth of information dissemination, professional translation and localization are key. 

Subtitling needs to fully consider factors such as reading speed, display duration, and frame drawing positioning, and adjust the number of words displayed per unit time, the number of lines per subtitle, and the number of characters per line. Foryou's professional multimedia translation team uses professional subtitle software to watch each shot carefully frame by frame, establish a precise and reasonable timeline, adjust the subtitles to a state that can be browsed at ease, and ensure that the translation retains the original content. At the same time of meaning and context, adjusting the number of words and timeline of the translation to make the subtitles clear and easy to read, so as to ensure that the target audience can obtain a good viewing experience, thereby helping customers to flow freely in the process of global communication and improve competition in global markets.



There are two types of dubbing: voiceover voiceover and voiceover voiceover. Common voiceovers include movie dubbing, TV dubbing, and game dubbing. The purpose of dubbing is to allow audiences in the target market to obtain the information in the audio more directly. Voiceover dubbing refers to the sound of the sound source that we can't see on the screen. For example, most documentaries use the voiceover commentary method, but people who can't hear the commentary can't see it. Inner voice dubbing is more difficult than outer voice dubbing, because we can see the sound source of the inner voice, so we need to keep the lip-sync of the audio and video. Foryou's multimedia localization team is composed of native language dubbing experts, senior project managers, and professional video, audio and image processing engineers. By creating a first-class studio and equipped with professional recording and post-production equipment, the recorded dubbing is ensured Naturally unpretentious, it can be consistent with the time frame, lip changes and scene switching of the video, to achieve seamless connection of audio tracks, and to achieve the highest level of voice fit and quality of the final delivered product.

Video and Animation

Video and Animation

Video is extremely expressive and attractive. It is the most effective media form for interacting with the target audience. Therefore, it is widely used to display corporate brands and services worldwide. However, to reach a global audience, videos and animations must be localized to suit different languages and cultural habits. Foryou provides a comprehensive video and animation localization solution, which can be adjusted according to customer requirements to all media elements that help to build an interactive experience, so that it can achieve the desired effect in terms of language art and cultural resonance, and meet customer commercials, digital marketing, online training, film and television entertainment, and everything else.

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Top Management

Our top mangement is consisted of language veterans graduated from PKU, UIBE, MUC and BFSU, under the chairmanship of Dr. MENG Yongye from both UIBE and PKU

Translators and Interpreters

Graduated from linguistics or translation majors: over 40% of master degree, 30+ persons with 5 years and 13 persons with over 10 years of full-time translation experiences

Industry Experts

Our industry experts, of professional background and rich translation experience, are mainly engaged in terminology, technical review and training

Project Managers

Having been experienced translators first, project managers are responsible for assigning translators, revisers and reviewers, monitoring all processes and verifying deliverables

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